Teaching Resources 2016-17

Latin Literature set text reading classes:

General policies and guidance

1A: Michaelmas / Lent

1B (all options)

Latin Literature supervisions:

General policies and guidance

Prelim Latin Literature:

Cicero Cat. 1 (Michaelmas):

Ovid Met. 4 (Lent):

Long essay on Catullus (Easter):

1A Latin Literature:

Ovid Ars Amatoria 1 (Michaelmas):

Cicero Pro Caelio (Michaelmas):

Tacitus Annals 1 (Lent):

Lucretius DRN 3.830-1094 and 4.1037-1287 (Lent):

1B Latin Literature:

Roman Youth:


Roman Comedy:

Cicero and Caesar:

Roman Epic:

Part II: A1 (Aeneid)

Assorted tips:

External resources: